10 more days…Imperfect.


10 more days until Shiloh and Luke release.
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“I Need you to promise me something before I go.”
“What’s that?” she asked warily.
“That you understand no matter what you say to me, how hard you try to push me away, I’m not leaving. Not physically but especially not emotionally. I will not abandon you. I will not allow you to close down and keep yourself from me.”
“I’m counting on that,” she whispered.
I stood motionless as the burn worked its way through my body. A burn that cauterized old wounds I hadn’t realized weren’t healed. Leftover abrasions on my soul that had yet to be treated. Some were minor—the residual pain of losing my career. Some were bigger, marks that would never fully go away but hadn’t yet scarred over. Things I’d done and seen and failed to do. But one thing I knew for certain, Shiloh Kent, a woman who did not trust, did not allow herself to connect, held herself remote, would not believe in me unless I’d earned it. So, yeah, fuck yeah, the old wounds sealed over.

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